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Flash Developers Support & Training

Flash developer support groups such as user-to-user discussion forums and mailing lists; plus training resources including books, videos, classes, and more.

Book Review: Flash MX Savvy
If you are only getting one book to learn to use Flash MX thoroughly, then this one must be a serious contender.

Flash Developer dot NL
This resource site offers information about using Flash with XML, Flash MX, XML, and SVG, plus categorized links, reviews, and books.

Flash Mailing List
An e-mail discussion list for developers using Macromedia Flash.

Flash community and resource site with competitions, tutorials, source files, audio clips, discussion forum, search engine, and more.

Support & Developers Center
Macromedia's support center with tips, troubleshooting, and additional resources for Flash developers.

We're Here Flash Community
Flash forums, tutorials, articles, downloads, a job center, gallery, and more.

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