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Lesson 2: Mailto Forms and Multiple Page Forms

Mailto Forms
It can be tempting to just slap a mailto:email address entry into your form action and think you're done. But there's more to mailto forms than that. This article takes you through the important parts of the mailto form.

The Method Attribute of the FORM Tag
The method attribute is an important attribute for mailto forms. You need to set it to GET to work most effectively.

Sometimes Mailto Forms Don't Work
Mailto forms are easy to put up, but because they rely on an interaction between the web server, web browser, and an email client, there is a lot that can go wrong. In Day 3, we'll discuss various alternatives to mailto that you should use if you are writing a mission critical form. But this article will help you troubleshoot your mailto forms and might get them working quickly.

Multiple Page Forms
One of the challenges of writing web forms is that you can't create multi-page forms easily. The problem is that every time you load a new web page, the browser clears all the data and starts over. That includes any information that was filled out in a form. To solve this, developers have to use tricks like cookies and hidden input tags to hold onto the form data. Learn how to create a complex, multiple-page form in this article.

HOMEWORK DAY 2: Post Your Form URL to the Forum
Put up a form that uses mailto as the action. Be sure to test your form before and after you upload it to your Web site. If you want feedback on your form, post your URL to the HTML forum, in the HTML class folder. Be sure to indicate that you have a question in your subject.

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