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Free CGI Scripts

If you want to add CGI interactivity to your Web pages, free CGIs are an inexpensive place to start. Use CGI to add personalization and other dynamic effects like counters, guestbooks, forms, and other services.
  1. Free Forums (2)
  2. Free Counters (14)
  3. Free Guestbooks (9)
  4. Free Feedback Forms (4)

File Upload
A simple Unix based Perl script to upload files to the Web server.

Using SSI calls, this script shows results immediately after voting, with graphical and percentage results.

Virtual Greeting Cards
Send a postcard from your site, and avoid the security headaches of other postcard CGIs.

BigNoseBird.Com CGI-BIN Page
The BigNoseBird provides lots of free CGIs for learning how to use and write CGIs.

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