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Freelancing is a very satisfying way to work, but it can be very difficult to do it full-time in the Web industry. The articles and links in this section will help you get the most out of your freelance career and improve your chances at getting good contracts.
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Freelance Documentation
Whether you are completely paperless or drowning in paperwork, there are documents that freelance web designers need to maintain a business. This article discusses the common ones and explains how to use them.

How to Write a Web Design Proposal
Learn how to write a proposal to help you land your next web design client. A good proposal both helps your clients understand what you're offering and the costs involved, but also acts like a pre-contract to allow for negotiation. Writing good proposals is an important skill to help you get more web design clients.

How Do You Balance Your Time as a Freelancer?
Freelance Web design is a balancing act. There are many different tasks you need to do from marketing and getting customers, designing and building pages, providing customer service, billing and accounting, and more. There is no one way to balance the work you do, but you can get help from other designers to see how they do it and share your techniques.

Why Have You Fired a Web Design Client - User Stories of Firing Web D…
There are lots of reasons to fire a Web design client. Find out why other people have fired their clients and share your stories of clients you just had to get rid of.

Firing Web Design Clients
In tough economic times one of the best ways to improve your bottom line is to fire the clients that cost you the most money. Firing costly clients can free up more of your time for the clients that are worth more to your business. Learn when to fire a client and how to fire a Web design client.

Where to Find the Best Freelance Web Design Clients
Finding freelance clients can be challenging. Most people do it through word of mouth, but some job sites can result in great business opportunities for the right people. Find out what other people have done to get new clients and share your own techniques.

What Equipment Do You Use for Freelancing - What Hardware and Softwar…
There are lots of different tools available for Web designers to use in their freelancing business. I've only scratched the surface. What are your favorite tools and equipment? What software or hardware could you not live without as a freelance Web designer?

The Best Ways to Find Web Design Clients - Web Designers Share How Th…
What are some of the ways you've found new clients for a Web design business? Do you find networking works best or do you prefer advertising? Have you advertised online or do you stick to postcards and flyers? Learn some of the tricks that other Web designers have used to find new clients and share your own successes.

What Do You Wish You Knew About Freelancing Before You Started?
If there were one thing you wished you had known about freelancing before you started out, what would it be? Thoughts and advice form Web designers doing freelance Web design.

What do You Like Best About Freelancing?
Share your experiences as a freelance Web designer. What do you like best about freelancing?

How do you fight burnout - Fighting burnout in Web design work
Being a freelance Web designer is a lot of work, and it can be very easy to get overwhelmed. How do you fight burnout in your chosen career?

How did you get started as a freelance Web designer?
Find out how other readers became freelance Web designers

Have you ever done something a client wanted against your bet…
Clients can ask for crazy things, and sometimes it's just tempting to acquiesce rather than try to argue them into someting more sensible. What crazy things have your clients asked you to do on their Web pages and have you gon along with them or tried to talk them out of it?

Is the Customer Really Always Right?
When you're hired as a freelance Web designer it can be tempting to build a website exactly to the specifications of the client without having any discussion of the viability or usefulness of those specifications. Many freelancers will argue that that's what the client wanted so that's what they did. But they are hiring you because they don't know how to build a website and you do, so it's your j…

Great Truths About Freelancing - Why You Might Want to Freelance
When you're thinking about freelancing you'll often be met by skeptics who will tell you horror stories about people who had to eat dog food or work in fast food just to make ends meet. But the reality is that freelancing can be a great career choice, and there are some myths you may have heard that really are true. Learn some of the reasons to freelance.

Billing Best Practices for Freelance Web Designers
Once you start freelancing you're going to need to interact with customers on a professional level. For that you'll need to be able to write proposals, invoices and bills. But determining when it's appropriate to send these, and what should be included can be confusing. Find out the best practices for freelance Web designers to send out bills, invoices, and proposals to get projects and then get paid for doing them.

How to Set Up Your Web Designer Office
What type of equipment do you need to do freelance Web design? Obviously, you need a computer and HTML editing software, but do you need anything else? Learn what equipment you should have to set up as a freelance Web designer, and what you can wait until you have more free cash.

What Traits Make a Good Freelance Web Designer
Being a freelancer takes a specific set of personality traits to be successful. If you have all or most of these traits, you would make a good freelancer. If you don't and you want to be a freelancer (or are one) you should work on your shortcomings so that you can be more successful as a freelancer.

Pros and Cons of Freelance Web Design
Freelancing is a tough job but there are some definite perks and drawbacks to being a freelancer. Learn whether you would like being a freelance Web designer or whether you should get a job as a corporate Web designer.

Freelancers Should Set Up an Emergency Fund
So you want to start freelancing, but you don't know what you should do first. By setting up an emergency fund, you set yourself up to be prepared to weather any storm. An emergency fund gives you peace of mind so that you can spend time finding clients and getting more work so your emergency fund can continue to earn interest and keep you safe.

What Do You Wish You Had Known When You First Started Freelancing?
If there were one thing you wished you had known about freelancing before you started out, what would it be? Here are some thoughts on freelancing and how to freelance. And if you\'re already freelancing, you can provide your own advice. The one thing I wish I had known more about was networking.

Web Design Project Request Form
When you start a new Web design project, there are a number of things that you should get into the habit of asking for from your customers every time you start a project. By asking these questions before you accept a client, you show your professionalism and you get a better sense of the job ahead of time.

Create a Design Brief to Go With Your Contract
When you write a design brief and get it agreed upon by your clients, you ensure that what you are going to build is going to meet the needs and desires of your client. Design briefs take the information you gained from client interviews and turns it into a proposal for your clients to approve. This shows that you know what they want and need and gives them a roadmap detailing how they're going to get it.

Paying Taxes While Freelancing
When you're freelancing, especially when you're starting out, it can be challenging to handle taxes. If you forget to save money for them or worse yet forget to pay them you set yourself up for large finacial problems later. Even if you're just starting out as a freelancer, thinking about your taxes from the beginning is important.

Getting Started as a Freelance Web Designer
Starting out as a freelancer can be scary, but if you plan for it sensibly, you will find that it\'s not as hard as you might have thought. These 12 suggestions will help you get ready to start freelancing, either full-time or part-time.

Advice on Freelance Web Development
Learn how to get started being a freelance Web developer. In interviews with five freelancers, you'll learn what it takes, what's hard, and the rewards.

Freelance Web Designers - What Does Your Web Site Say About You?
Your Web site can and probably will be seen by your customers, clients and future bosses. Is it saying what you want it to say about yourself and your skills?

Tips for Getting a Web Design Job
When you're looking for a Web Design Job it can be hard to find one, possibly because there are actually so many options for the Web designer looking for a job. Web design jobs come in many shapes and sizes and these resources and tips will help you find the perfect Web design job for you.

Where do you do Web Design work? - Is this job limited to local markets?
It is possible to do Web design work for places around the country or the world or are you limited to face-to-face meetings and development?

What dates are quarterly estimated taxes due for U.S. Freelancers?
In the United States, freelancers and people who are self-employed need to file estimated taxes at least quarterly to avoid penalties. And the IRS has specific dates that you need to file by. Learn what those dates are for the current year.

Are You Friends With Your Clients?
Working for your friends can be tough, but just like in an office, it is possible to turn a client-web designer relationship into a friendship. As a freelance web designer it is often very common for us to be friends with our clients - often our friends and family are the first jobs we get. But do you consider your other clients your friends?...

Do you have friends as clients - and do you make clients your friends
Find out what other About.com readers think about freelancing with friends for clients. Do you do work for your friends? And have you become friends with your clients? Find out how to juggle accepting money from friends and making friends with people who pay you.

Delivering Sites to Customers
There are several different ways you can deliver your designs to your customers. This article explains some of the most common methods that freelance web designers use to get their designs to their clients.

How Do You Deliver Files to Your Clients?
Find out how other designers prefer to deliver their files to their clients and share your own method.

Web Design Freelancers Need a Good Work Ethic
Many freelancers blame their lack of work on everything but themselves. This article examines some of the reasons freelancers might be sabotaging their work.

Is the Web Design Industry Dead?
It's possible for any business owner to go out to a template website and buy a template for just a few dollars. So why should they want to hire you as a web designer? Find outwhat things web designers can offer customers that a template factory cannot.

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