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Free Web Template: Basic Horizontal Menu


About this Free Web Template:

This free list menu template shows you how to create a basic horizontal menu using simple XHTML tags and CSS properties. It is a blue menu with white text and white rollover.

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  • menu 100% wide with a dark blue background
  • menu items white text with light blue dividing lines
  • rollover turns the menu items white background with black text

To Use the Free Web Template:

  1. Copy the CSS into a document named styles.css
  2. Copy the HTML into another document in the same directory
  3. Change the text to your content
  4. Don't forget to add a title
  5. Publish both pages
  6. If you want to add design changes - create another CSS file or add it to styles.css

If you plan to add this menu to an existing page:

  1. Copy the CSS into a document named styles.css
  2. Copy the HTML from the BODY section into your HTML
  3. Add a link to the styles.css file into your HTML
  4. Modify styles.css so that all your other links are the correct color

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Terms of Use:

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