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Bluefish is a Text Editor for Windows, Macintosh, and Linux

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Bluefish Version 2.2 is Out

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About Bluefish

Bluefish is a full-featured free and open source HTML editor for Linux with compiled versions for Windows and Macintosh as well. It includes spell check and auto complete of many programming languages useful to web developers including: HTML5, PHP, CSS, and JavaScript. There are lots of snippets included in the default version and wizards to help you do things like add HTML5 CANVAS elements, HTML5 video, and TIME elements.

This editor provides a lot of flexibility for web developers who are building more than just basic web pages. But because it doesn't have a lot of WYSIWYG features and previews it's not going to be as popular with web designers and graphic artists.

Target Market(s): Professional Web Developers


  • Operating System: Linux, Windows, and Macintosh
  • Publisher: Olivier Sessink
  • Price: $0 (free)
  • Type of Editor: Text Editor
  • Score: 48.5%
  • Profile Last Edited: August 9, 2013


  • Spell checking within different code blocks
  • Tag completion and color coding for multiple programming languages
  • Lots of wizards to help you build various elements like tables, frames, CANVAS and more
  • Snippets that you can use and add more of your own in many different categories


  • No WYSIWYG editor or built-in preview
  • FTP and secure FTP is only available in some versions (it is not in the Macintosh version—although they say it's coming)

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Web Easy Pro, Member THEFACTS

TERRIBLE Run from this product. It has no support for it. It is cheap because people buy it and get frustrated and place the disc on the shelf and plan on dealing with it later. The WORST !!!!!!!!!!!…More

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