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Microsoft Visual Studio Express

A Visual IDE for Windows

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Microsoft Visual Studio Express

Microsoft Visual Studio Express

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Microsoft Visual Studio Express is a visual IDE to help web developers and other programmers get started creating applications for the web, mobile devices, and the desktop. There are versions of Express specifically for web development, Windows 8 development, Windows desktop development, and Windows Phone development. This tool is built to help you get familiar with the Visual Studio IDE platform where you can do even more than you can with Express.

Visual Studio Express includes the latest in HTML5 and CSS3 standards as well as JavaScript and jQuery along with jQuery Mobile to help you create dynamic and interesting web and mobile applications.

Target Market(s): new developers who are considering Visual Studio

Operating System(s): Windows

Review last updated: December 23, 2012.

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Microsoft Visual Studio Express Version: 2012
Percent: 42.1%

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Web Easy Pro, Member THEFACTS

TERRIBLE Run from this product. It has no support for it. It is cheap because people buy it and get frustrated and place the disc on the shelf and plan on dealing with it later. The WORST !!!!!!!!!!!…More

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