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FTP Clients - File Transfer Programs Uploading Software

In order to get your Web page from your hard drive to your Web hosting server, you need an FTP client. These are some of my favorites. Plus you'll learn how to upload your pages to your Web site and common problems when transferring files.

What is FTP?
FTP means file transfer protocol and FTP is how you transfer your files from your hard drive to your Web site. This article will teach you how to use FTP and other methods to get your files transferred.

Best FTP Clients for Windows
These are some of my favorite FTP clients for Windows.

Best FTP Clients for Macintosh
These are some of my favorite FTP clients for Macintosh.

How to Upload
A fast tutorial on how to upload files using any FTP client from your HTML Guide, Jennifer Kyrnin.

Definition of the term WebDAV and how web designers use WebDAV to transfer files.

CoffeeCup Direct FTP
A powerful FTP client that has features like resumeable FTP, editing right on the server, drag and drop functionality, and wizards to help you get the most out of its features.

Cyberduck is a great free FTP client for Macintosh.

One of the easiest to use Macintosh FTP clients around. And I love watching that little dog run.

FileZilla - Free FTP Client for Windows, Macintosh, Linux

FTP on the Go Pro
FTP on the Go Pro is not technically an HTML editor, it's an FTP client for the iPad and iPhone. But it includes enough editing features to have it rank fairly highly in my reviews of HTML editors for the iPad.

FTP Voyager
FTP Voyager offers a Windows Explorer interface, drag and drop file manipulation, and my personal favorite: online editing of files.

WinSCP is a great free FTP client for Windows.

WS FTP is a powerful piece of software. It is built around the Windows 95 interface, so you need not even be aware that you are actually transfering files across the Internet.

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