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Grammar and Spelling for the Web

If you have any text on your Web pages, then you should be reviewing them for spelling and grammar errors. Nothing makes a page look unprofessional like myriad spelling errors. (These links are U.S. English-centric.)

The Elements of Style by William Strunk, Jr.
This short book lends itself well to the Web, and the rules and guidelines are as true as they ever were.

Grammar and Style Notes
These pages will help you learn how to use a colon and a semi-colon, and also how to write with style. I especially like his comments on writing gracefully.

Online English Grammar
Are you using possessives correctly? What about noun-verb agreement? This is a standard English grammar put up on the Web.

PC Webopedia
When you're first learning HTML or just joining the Internet community, there are a lot of terms that people use that may have little or no meaning to you. This comprehensive encyclopedia of computer technology can help.

Roget's Thesaurus Online
Another vital reference for the writer is the thesaurus. Then instead of "click here" you might write "select this" or "pick that".

Speling Errers in You're Sights by Alan Richmond
Spelling is much more than just using the spell checker. You also need to think about who you are and who your audience is.

What spelling and grammar errors are most annoying to you?
Spelling errors and grammar errors are one thing that can turn a mild-mannered web reader into a raving lunatic bent on your total destruction. And this isn't a great way to retain customers. Find out what spelling and grammar errors are most annoying to other readers so that you can avoid them on your website. And share your pet peeves.

Spelling and Grammar Errors that Can Ruin Your Site
Good spelling and grammar are important in all written communication, and it's just as important on web pages as anywhere else. But there are a number of errors that are made all the time by bloggers and web designers that you can correct for. Learn these common grammar and spelling errors so that you can be sure your website is correct.

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