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Graphics for the Web - Software, Tools and Techniques

Graphics are a great way to add interest and excitement to your Web pages. Learn how to create them, different tools and techniques, and tips for making them better.
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Adding Images to Your Site
How to add images to your Web site - this page discusses how to add images and graphics and pictures.

Adding Web Graphics - Tips for Web Images
Once you have a web page, you'll want to add graphics to it and these tips will help you add better images to your web pages.

When to Use the JPG, GIF, or PNG Formats for Your Web Images
When creating web graphics it's important that you use the correct format for the job. GIF, JPG, and PNG files each have different uses, and should be used for different types of graphics.

Where do you get your Web photos - How do you find photos for…
Finding photos for Web pages doesn't have to be hard. There are a lot of places you can get royalty-free and inexpensive photos for your Web pages. Or you can take them yourself. Where do you get your Web photos? Find out where to get good photos and where other readers get theirs.

How to Find Photos for Web Pages
Some of the best Web pages use photos for most of the images on the site, and it can be fun to use photos as backgrounds or embellishments, but finding photos can be challenging. There are many ways to get photos for use on your website, and many are free or inexpensive.

How To Find the Image Codes or URLs for Your Web Images
Learn how to find the image code or URL for your images and then add the image code to your Web pages.

Add a Caption to Your Images that Stays with the Image
Putting a caption on an image can be a useful feature when you want to describe the image, but getting it to stay with the image can be challenging. Learn how to use some HTML and CSS to create a nice looking caption that stays right below your image.

Get Scanned Photos onto a Web Page
Take your photos, scan them, resize them, and put them on your Web pages.

How can I control the order of how the images load on a Web page?
Web pages load images systematically, is it possible to force some images to load before others?

Why won't text-align make my images align where I want them to?
The CSS property text-align doesn't work with images, so how can I align my images if the align attribute is deprecated?

Protect Your Digital Photos Online
There are many things that HTML can't do, but many Web developers want to be able to do online. One of the more popular things that HTML can't do is protect online images. You have to use other techniques to protect them.

How to Protect Your Digital Photos from Being Copied
Protecting your digital photos from people using them without your knowledge is essentially impossible. But there are some ways that you can make it more difficult.

Alt Text - Not Alt Tag
The term alt tag is actually an incorrect term that refers to the alt text or alt attribute on images, applets, and input elements to define what is in those elements. Alt text is used to help accessibility and to provide a little more information on the Web page.

Images Should be Clickable
Graphics on Web pages are one of the places that customers tend to gravitate towards, they want to click on them. So you should make them clickable.

How to Resize Photos for E-mail or Web
The About Digital Cameras guide has a step-by-step visual tutorial explaining how to resize digital photos in Photoshop Elements.

Adding Images to eBay
Adding images to eBay auctions make the auctions more effective. Images of what you're selling make your ads more effective. Learn how to add your images to your eBay auctions.

Learn how to use the IMG HTML tag in your web pages.

border Attribute for IMG, OBJECT, and EMBED
Description of the border attribute when used with the IMG, OBJECT, and EMBED tags.

Taking Great Pictures for Websites
Taking photos for your website is very important - but you can completely destroy the effect if your photos are bad. Make sure that your photos are saying what you want them to say.

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