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How To Add a Graphic in Homesite


Adobe Homesite+

Adobe Homesite+

Image courtesy Adobe

Use graphics to create visual pages. Homesite makes it easy to add images to your Web pages.

Difficulty: Easy
Time Required: 2 minutes

Here's How:

  1. Place your cursor where you want the image.
  2. Click on the "image" icon in the common toolbar.
  3. Click on the "file" icon and choose the image you want to add to your page.
  4. Write alternative text in the "alt text" box. This is text that appears when your mouse hovers over the image.
  5. Click OK.


  1. You can insert GIF, JPG, or PNG files onto Web pages.
  2. If you want the image to be a different size, you should resize it using Photoshop or another graphics editor.
  3. Try to keep your graphics under 12K in size. Too large graphics will take a long time to download and will drive people from your site.
  4. Animated graphics are nice, but they can get really annoying. Also, many ads use animations, so your animations may look like advertisements.

What You Need

  • Homesite

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