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WebPlus 10 by Serif

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WebPlus 10 by Serif

WebPlus 10 by Serif

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The Bottom Line

If you own a business or otherwise don't have time to learn Web design or money to hire a Web designer, then this tool is great. You can set up a fully-functional Web site with ecommerce and RSS in just a couple hours. You'll spend more time on the content than the design. But this is not a Web designer's tool. You won't have any access to the code it generates and it can create very bloated sites that download slowly.


  • If you are just starting with a Web page this is an easy tool to use.
  • There are hundreds of pre-built templates and fonts to use.
  • Great additions for small businesses, like ecommerce, site management, and flash.
  • Writes CSS and valid HTML.
  • Nice image support, including editing the images to make them fit the color scheme.


  • Very difficult to edit the HTML directly.
  • I found some of the templates hard to use.
  • The tutorials were disappointing, they started out as Flash, end then opened a PDF.
  • It imported two sites completely wrong, which made it difficult to start editing them.
  • I was surprised at the number of files that were generated to create one page.


  • Build a quality Web site from scratch with no HTML or Web design knowledge.
  • Include ecommerce, RSS and other cutting-edge features on your site.
  • Build Web-ready forms without any programming.
  • Hundreds of templates, fonts, and icons available for your site.
  • Image editing to change colors and adjust images to fit your site look and feel.

Guide Review - WebPlus 10 by Serif

WebPlus 10 is not for Web designers or someone who wants to become a Web designer. But if you're looking for an easy way to get a Web site up that looks nice and has professional features, you won't go wrong using WebPlus 10.

What I Like About WebPlus 10

There are hundreds of templates to use in this program. Once you find a template you like you're not stuck with it - you can easily change the colors and modify it with new pictures. I had some trouble editing the embedded Flash content in one of the templates I tried, but I would have figured it out eventually.

I especially liked how easy it was to add things like ecommerce shopping carts and news feeds (RSS) to the Web site. WebPlus 10 is Web editing software that makes it easy to not think about the editing. You simply choose the elements you want to add to the page, and then drag them into place.

On the Other Hand

I am a professional Web designer and I prefer to work with Web editors that give me more control. WebPlus 10 does so much hand-holding that I ended up feeling very uncomfortable - I was worried about the size of the pages it was generating, the number of images it was using in place of text, and all the other little things I like to tweak when building a Web site.

WebPlus 10 has this really interesting feature where it can go to a Web page and grab the content and import it into a WebPlus 10 file. I was really excited about this until I tried it out. Both sites that I imported ended up destroyed inside of WebPlus10. It ended up creating a mishmash of text on top of one another. My question is, why didn't it just download the HTML, CSS, etc. associated with the site?

Did this review help you? Do you have WebPlus 10 and would like to disagree or comment? Let me know what you thought.

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