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SeaMonkey 1.1

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SeaMonkey 1.1

SeaMonkey 1.1

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The Bottom Line

If you need an Internet application that has chat, Web browsing, mail, and Web page editing all together, SeaMonkey is a great choice. It's perfect for newcomers to Web design who want to learn only one application.


  • Both a WYSIWYG and text editor
  • Runs on Windows, Macintosh, and Linux
  • Includes a CSS validator
  • Built-in Web browser based on the Mozilla engine
  • Tabbed editing for multiple files


  • No accessibility editor
  • No color coding or tag completion in the text editor
  • Cannot search and replace over multiple files
  • No image editing or connection to external editor
  • No link checker


  • Text and WYSIWYG editor
  • HTML and CSS validators
  • FTP to get your files to your Web server
  • Search and replace and tabbed file viewing
  • Support for adding special characters and JavaScript to your pages
  • Built-in spell check
  • Customizable with Mozilla Add-Ons

Guide Review - SeaMonkey 1.1

SeaMonkey's composer engine is more useful for people who don't want to have more than one Internet application. It is also great for children and newcomers to Web design because it's easy to use and has the browser built-in. If you're looking for an all-in-one application for a second computer, such as a Netbook, SeaMonkey could be very useful. Since it's built-in with the browser and mail client you don't need as much space.

SeaMonkey's best feature is that the browser is built-in. So when you need to test something you just look at it - your SeaMonkey browser shows you what it will look like live. Since it's built on the same engine as Firefox you won't have to test on that popular browser.

I don't recommend SeaMonkey to professional Web designers, as it doesn't offer a lot of features beyond WYSIWYG. If you're going to build Web pages for a living, there are other editors that have more features, some free and some very reasonably priced.

Score: 340
Percent: 51%

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