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HTML Editors - Web Page Authoring Tools

Web authoring tools and HTML editors range from simple text editors to high powered graphical authoring tools and content management systems. These links will help you choose the best one for you and learn how to use it.
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HTML Editors
HTML editors make it easy to write web pages. While it is possible to write a web page using just the text editor on your computer, most web designers find that it is much more efficient to use an HTML editor. HTML editors give you features that aren t usually available in plain text editors. And the About.com Web Design / HTML site has the most...

Finding the Perfect Web Editor
I have been looking for the perfect web editor for years. I still haven't found it. In my search for the ultimate web page editor, I evaluated over 130 web editors on 3 platforms. I looked at 58 different features to determine which editor stood out as the best above all the rest. It took a long time, but I was able to determine which editors...

How to Evaluate a Web Editor
When you're looking for an HTML editor it can be easy to get suckered by the price - many people focus on free editors, while others assume that if it costs a lot it must be good. These are the criteria I use to rank HTML editors. Editors with more of the features or more of the important features get a higher ranking.

Before You Buy an HTML Editor
When building a Web page, you might think that it really isn't important what editor you use. You can write HTML in MS Word or you can use the tools on your hosting provider. Think about what you need before you just buy the most expensive or cheapest editor.

Get Started with Your Favorite Editor Videos
There are a lot of web editors to choose from. It can be difficult to decide which one is right for you. One way is to look at the editor in action, and these videos show how five top HTML editors for Macintosh and Windows work and help you get started using them.

How to Edit HTML Online
If you only have access to online tools, you can still edit your HTML files using an online tool like Online-HTML-Editor.org. Editing HTML online is useful if you want to build Web pages on tools like MSNTV and other Web appliances.

How to Save Money on Web Design Software
You don't need to spend hundreds or thousands of dollars on a web editor. There are free options that work well as well as inexpensive ones that are amazing.

The Business Case for Editor Types
Most well-run businesses require justification and reason before making decisions, especially for large purchases that may cost a lot of money or impact the company materially. The company Web site is a serious business investment, and making sure you have the best tool for the job is important.

Common Myths and Facts About Modern WYSIWYG Editors
WYSIWYG editors have been much maligned but are they still as bad as they ever were? I look at the common knowledge about WYSIWYG editors and determine which ones apply and which ones don't.

WYSIWYG Isn't Really - What You See May Not Be What Your Customers Get
Just because you use a WYSIWYG editor doesn't guarantee that your pages will look the same to your customers as what you see when you view your page in your editor. WYSIWYG is actually a misnomer when it comes to Web editing software.

WYSIWYG vs. Hand Coding, the Great Debate
If you’re putting up Web pages, you might be using a special editor, or just writing your pages in straight HTML in a text editor. But whichever you do, you’re still using HTML.

WYSIWYG vs Hand-Coding Debate
Thoughts from various parts of the web design industry on the value of WYSIWYG versus hand-coding HTML.

How do you save money on Web development software - User tips for sav…
Customers provide suggestions for getting legal copies of Web development software for low prices.

What do you look for in a Web editor - What are the important aspects…
About.com readers speak out about their favorite Web editor features, from WYSIWYG to code view and everything in between. What do you think is the most important feature of an HTML editor or Web page editor?

Will My New Web Page Editor Be Able to Edit My Current Website?
If you have an existing website it can be scary to switch to a new tool, because what if that new web editor won't edit the old pages. Find out whether it is something you should be worried about or not.

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