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Adding An Image To A Web Page
A finished web page

A finished web page

Screen shot courtesy Jon Morin

We are almost done with our simple web page. Now it would be nice to add a photo of the dog that was chosen in the story. Pictures are added to a web page with the <img> tag. It is important to know that this tag does not have an open and close version. Just like with the anchor tag, it uses an attribute to tell the browser which image file to use. Save your photo in the same folder as your HTML file and adding the filename to the code will be easier. Here we have added another paragraph of text and a photo of the new dog using the <img> tag. Add these lines right below the closing </ul> tag. Open the page in your browser and have a look at our finished product!

<p>We met with each dog that we liked and I got to pick the one I liked best. He is a beagle and I named him Max. I love our new dog!</p>
<img src=”max.jpg” />

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