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DL Description:

The DL tag encloses items that make up a definition list or list of name/value pairs.

DL Web Browser Support:

HTML Versions

DL Attributes:

DL End Tag:



Definition list tags. The following tags are valid within the DL tag:
dd, dt

DL Valid Context:

The DL tag is valid within the following tags:
blockquote, body, button, center, dd, div, fieldset, form, iframe, li, noframes, noscript, object, td, th

DL Usage:

A typical definition list

  <dd>An abbreviation of the term &#8220;hypertext markup language&#8221;</dd>

DL Special Notes:

  • While some editors use the DL tags to indent text, this is not a syntactically correct use of HTML. Use margin and padding style properties instead.
  • Definition lists are most commonly used in glossaries and indexes, but can be used anywhere that a short section of text is followed by a longer segment.
  • Another common use of definition lists is for name=value pairs in programming.
  • The DL list is an easy way to create custom bullets. Simply place an icon image after the DT tag and use CSS to position the elements as you like them.

More DL Information:

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