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<marquee> </marquee>


MARQUEE Description:

The MARQUEE element creates a scrolling text marquee on your web page.

This element is not part of any HTML specification, but most modern browsers support it.

MARQUEE Web Browser Support:

HTML Versions

None, the MARQUEE element is not part of any HTML specification.

MARQUEE Attributes:


</marquee> REQUIRED

MARQUEE Contents:

Usually any HTML text that you want to specify a style for. The following elements are valid within the MARQUEE element:

MARQUEE Valid Context:

The MARQUEE element is valid within flow elements


A simple marquee

<marquee>This text scrolls</marquee>

A delayed marquee

<marquee scrolldelay="500" width="200">This text scrolls every half second</marquee>

MARQUEE Special Notes:

  • Like the BLINK element, the MARQUEE element can be hard for people to read and annoy other people.
  • If you're going to put a scrolling marquee on your web pages, it's best to use CSS3 marquee properties instead.

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