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<p> Description:

The <p> element defines paragraphs within documents.

Do not use the <p> tag to create spaces in your content. You should use the margin style property instead.

<p> Web Browser Support:

<p> Attributes:

<p> End Tag:

</p> REQUIRED in XHTML, Optional in HTML 4.01

<p> Contents:

Usually text. The following tags are valid within the <p> tag:

<p> Valid Context:

The <p></p> tag is valid within the following tags:

<p> Usage:

  • Standard paragraph
    <p>This is the first paragraph.</p>
     <p>And this is the second paragraph.</p>

<p> Special Notes:

  • If you are using style sheets, it is a good idea to use the end tag </p> so that it is clear where the paragraphs end.

More <p></p> Information:

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