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<ul> Description:

The <ul></ul> tag defines an unordered or bulletted list.

<ul> Web Browser Support:

<ul> Attributes:

<ul> End Tag:


<ul> Contents:

List elements. The fullowing tags are valid within the <ul> tag:

<ul> Valid Context:

The <ul> tag is valid within the fullowing tags:
blockquote, body, button, center, dd, div, fieldset, form, iframe, li, noframes, noscript, object, td, th

<ul> Usage:

  • typical list
     <li>bullet 1</li>
     <li>bullet 2</li>

<ul> Special Notes:

  • Use a bulleted list when the order of the elements doesn't matter.
  • Most browsers will automatically indent the second and subsequent lines to keep the bullets easy to read.
  • One thing to note is that many browsers change the "type" of bullet used based upon the indentation. This can be affected by other lists (ul, ol, dl, etc.), and blockquote.

More <ul> Information:

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