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Beginning HTML:

HTML stands for HyperText Markup Language. It is the language that writes the web. If you are interested in building web pages, then you should learn to write HTML. HTML is easy to learn and with these free classes and tutorials you can't lose.

HTML Tags:

HTML tags are the tools you use to write HTML. Each tag does something different, and if you understand the tags, you'll be able to write HTML more quickly and easily.

My Favorite HTML Tags:

There are a lot of HTML tags, but these tags are some of the ones that I find most useful or interesting.

HTML Tables:

HTML tables are another powerful tool in your arsenal. But it can be easy to mis-use them. Understand the proper uses of HTML tables before you put them on your pages.

Forms in HTML:

HTML forms are tricky because you have to both build the form, and build the action that makes the form work.

HTML Frames:

Frames allow you to include multiple HTML documents in one web page. They are also a powerful tool for maintenance. But learning HTML frames can be tricky.


There is so much to learn when it comes to HTML. Once you understand the basic tags, you can start learning the advanced tags. And putting the tags together in a way that creates a beautiful web page is also tricky. I like writing HTML because it's possible to read and understand, but it results in really interesting things - web pages.

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