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I like bright sites. They cheer me up and make me happy, but somehow when I'm working on designs I tend to stick with darker neutrals (dark greens and browns are my preference, but sometimes blues). So when I see a site like this one I know I'm attracted to it primarily because of the colors. Part of the reason I don't tend to use these colors in my designs is that it can be difficult to not be overwhelming. Too many hot pinks and bright yellows and neon greens can give customers a headache. But I think Trefl got it right with this design.

If you look at the HTML you'll see that this page is done primarily with text and image replacement. The navigation is an unordered list. The three large image buttons that are the main content are done with H2 elements and image replacement. And the designers used HTML5 sectioning elements to divide up the page, with DIV elements for styling.

Along with the colors I love the texture of the background. Because this is a site about textiles it is appropriate that the background look like fabric. And if you put your mouse over the three images you notice that they subtly move, telling you that they are clickable.

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