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Screen shot by J Kyrnin courtesy Red Rokk Interactive


This is a nice looking site, the colors are well chosen — I like how even the video colors match, which makes the video fit better on the page. It’s got a fairly standard fat footer, an evocative headline (I love the font!), and clean lines. The background texture is subtle which makes it seem that much more thought out.

But all this is outpaced by the game at the top. Anyone who visits the site can play a simple version of a platformer where you jump and run your little man across the screen. Granted, it’s not the most epic amazing game in the world, but when you realize it’s done completely with HTML5, JavaScript, and CSS it seems that much more special.

Have you built an HTML5 site? Or do you know of one that does a great job with HTML5? Submit HTML5 site designs to be featured on this site.

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