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U.K. Energy Consumption Guide

U.K. Energy Consumption Guide

Screen shot by J Kyrnin courtesy U.K. Energy Consumption Guide


This site is more like an interactive info graphic than just a website. And it's all done with HTML5, CSS3, and JavaScript.

The first thing I like about the site is the color scheme. The colors are all a low saturated version of several colors, the predominant color being green. One of the fun things this site does is with the background colors. The top of the page is a faded pink, but as you scroll down, watch as it changes to gray and then to blue. This is a very effective but subtle effect. The rest of the site uses background colors very effectively as well. The colors change delineating different pages of content within the site as a whole.

The graphics and typography on this site are well done too. They all work together with each other and the rest of the site. The type elements forms another part of the design and matches with the images and colors.

This is a site that I will be looking at for a long time to decipher how the parts were put together. It is a lot of fun and provides a lot of information in a memorable fashion.

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