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Mobile site of Brain Watson Photography

Mobile site of Brain Watson Photography

Image submitted by Brian Watson for the HTML5 Design Gallery


This is a standard jQuery Mobile theme that works well for photo galleries. The dark backgrounds make it easy to focus on the photos. Brian submitted the mobile version of his site, which isn’t as well suited to desktop browsers, but if you’re on a small form factor device it works well. I’m inspired by this design more by the fact that it exists than the actual design. jQuery Mobile designs are fairly plain and while they work well for mobile can be boring in other situations, but it is a reminder that mobile is important and we need to remember to design for it.

This site does not use responsive design but rather has a separate mobile site built with jQuery Mobile. This means that for every gallery that is put up on the main site, it must be duplicated on the mobile site. This may get to be tedious for the content managers, but it is a standard set up for mobile.

There are a few problems with the way the mobile site is implemented. From a user interface perspective, it’s great that there is a link to the mobile site right on the front page, but that link is below nearly all of the rest of the content, and many mobile phone users will not scroll that far to find a mobile link. Plus, the link text is a dark blue, which on the dark background is nearly impossible to read. Plus, the link is not marked as an alternate page (rel=alternate) so search engines might penalize the site for duplicating content. The problem is the same in reverse on the mobile site. The full site link in the upper left does not have the rel=cannonical indicator to tell search engines that that is the site that should be considered primary. Instead, it calls the link a rel=external which is incorrect, as it’s not a link to an external page, but rather to the main site page.

Have you built an HTML5 site? Or do you know of one that does a great job with HTML5? Submit HTML5 site designs to be featured on this site.

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