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An animated GIF showing the Download Me button

An animated GIF showing the Download Me button

Screen shot by J Kyrnin courtesy Download Me Button and Boxtuffs


What a great button! When you mouse over it the button adjusts to tell you what version of the download you're getting and the size. Of course, it could adjust to say anything you wanted. What's cool about this button is that it's built with CSS3. CSS3 transitions specifically.

It's one thing to learn about the new features in CSS3 and HTML5 and it's another thing to use them effectively. This download button shows you how nice it can get. You don't have to leave your CSS to shadows and highlights, you can set it up so that it displays useful information.

Be sure to click through to the original site and try out the download me button right in your browser. It's much nicer than the animated GIF screen shot above.

Note, this page is written in HTML 4.01, but the download me button could easily be imported into an HTML5 document.

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