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HTC website as viewed on an iPad

Screen shot by J Kyrnin courtesy HTC


When I visited this site in Chrome, I noticed it was Flash, so, as I always do, I went to see how it looks on my iPad, as that can tell you a lot about the developers when you view a Flash website on an iOS device which doesn’t support Flash. Most of the time, you’ll find a site with an error message saying something like “you need to upgrade your Flash player” or similar. And once I found a site that stated that you should buy a whole new phone because the one you were on doesn’t support Flash.

So imagine my surprise when I came to the HTC site (an Android phone maker!) and saw almost the same thing as what I saw on Chrome. But not in Flash, because Flash doesn’t work on iOS. Yes, it wasn’t quite as fancy, but in general it was the same site!

I find this type of effort to be very inspiring! Here are developers who recognize that it’s important to catch your reader no matter what platform they are on. Someone who is an iPhone user today might consider switching to HTC tomorrow, but they won’t if the website sucks for them. And this website most certainly doesn’t.

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