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Image submitted for the HTML5 Design Gallery courtesy naval kishor

Screen shot by J Kyrnin courtesy HTML Query


One of the hallmarks of modern design is the simplicity of the design and HTML Query shows that well. This design is very pleasant with the use of a single acccent color and black and white text. The faint background image is just enough to give a sense of texture without overwhelming the page and I love the use of the blue in the bullets at the bottom of the page.

In fact, the only thing that really confuses me about this site is the name. Naval Kishor submitted it to the HTML5 Designs Gallery as HTML Query, but nowhere on the page is it called that. Just looking at the content, I would say the page is called “Think Simple” which is also a nice title. It's only if I notice the TITLE (which is cut off in my Chrome tab) or the URL do I see the page title. I just noticed that it's in the copyright notice at the bottom as well.

If you look at the source you'll see that Naval uses HTML5 sectioning elements, as well as Modernizr to help the page display correctly in less compliant browsers. There are some strange elements like the A elements at the bottom that all point to # and are apparently there just to create the rollover effects. I'm not sure if the page is finished as the social media links are also not complete (except Facebook) nor is the privacy policy link.

Be sure to click through to the portfolio. He uses a rotating box similar to image galleries on other sites to provide information about the portfolio elements. I wish that this section used the same minimal colors as on the home page, as that would help the portfolio pictures stand out better, but it's a great way to show off portfolio pieces.

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