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Screen shot by J Kyrnin - courtesy HTML5 Readiness


What's great about this site is not just how it looks, but how it works. This site is useful to web designers as well as inspirational. I love how the site interacts with the user to show you the information you need. And don't forget to look at the source file. That is also really nice looking. It's simple and elegant, and shows you exactly how you can build an app with the structure (HTML) separate from the design (CSS) and the interactivity (JavaScript).

This is a really great site to bookmark. It uses caniuse.com as the source for browser information, and it doesn't include mobile browsers, but for the desktop browsers it's really helpful. I also love that we can see support dating back to 2008. If you don't bookmark this page because of the inspiration, bookmark it because of the utility.

Have you built an HTML5 site? Or do you know of one that does a great job with HTML5? Submit HTML5 site designs to be featured on this site.

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