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Johan Reinhold - Heart in a Jar

First screen of Johan Reinhold website

Image submitted for the HTML5 Design Gallery


This is a fun site because of how it's built to interact with your mouse. Mind you, some of the more traditionalist designers out there won't like it, as it plays with how the page scrolls. But I find it fun — especially when you consider the subject. Johan Reinhold is a Swedish pop singer, and so this style of navigation is completely appropriate. I would never suggest that a more formal corporate company use this type of navigation, but for a pop singer, it works great, and is in fact expected.

What I like about the interactivity is that it's subtle. As you scroll things happen on the page. A heart starts beating or a block of statistics appears from hiding. Things move when it's appropriate for them to move, but as you scroll past them, they stop moving.

I would say my only objection to this site was that the music started immediately and I had to figure out the scrolling mechanism (which isn't hard, mind you — it's just scrolling, I just got distracted by the first image following my mouse) and find the pause button. Since I had other music playing at the same time, it was a bit distracting. But that was a minor issue when compared to how inspiring I found this page as a whole.

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