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HTML5 Design Gallery—2013
Klingele Belgian Chocolate

Klingele Belgian Chocolate

Image submitted for the HTML5 Design Gallery courtesy Klingele Belgian Chocolate


Now, I could lie and say that this site being dedicated to chocolate was not part of the appeal, but that would be a lie. I do like chocolate. In fact, many of my personal site designs use chocolate as the design motif and for the colors. I even painted my living room with dark chocolate accents that my son still refers to as “chocolate paint.”

But this site offers more than just chocolate and a nice chocolate color scheme. It's a great example of a product site in HTML5. The rotating banner on the front page highlights some of their featured offers, the code uses jQuery and HTML5 sectioning elements, and the design is clean and very clear.

I think the only really disappointing thing about this site is that there doesn't appear to be any way to buy the chocolate they are talking about. But I know to be on the lookout for it.

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