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This is a fun application that you can use to look at pictures (from Flickr) taken all over the world. And if you have Flickr photos from somewhere not listed, you might be invited to add your photos to the map. But there is so much more to this site than just that. You can see all the photos highlighted, or look at just ones featuring an interest you might have—for example, I chose “horse riding.”

It’s all very interactive, with the notes off to the side that are movable so you can read them. And the lens on the map lets you zoom in and look at any of the photos that have already been added.

My biggest complaint about this site is that they imply that it’s limited to Internet Explorer 9 (or higher, I presume). I viewed it in Chrome on my Mac without any major problems. It got slow when I had it zoomed way in, but that was probably the content more than the browser. And there were a few glitches with side notes disappearing and so on, but the main part of the site worked fine even though I wasn’t in IE. It’s been a long time since I’ve seen a “this site best viewed in…” message, so it was something of a surprise to see it here.

This site, while it will open on the iPad, it doesn’t work terribly well there. The camera lens isn’t set up for touch events, which is too bad, as this would be a nice app if it were mobile enabled. I can envision an online app where you take a photo of someplace with your iPhone, upload it to Flickr, and then go view it on the Rough Guides site shortly afterwards. Right now, you can do the first part, but you’ll need to go back to your desktop to view your photos on the Rough Guides site.

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