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The Google Puzzle Home Page

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If you look at just the design of this site you may think “boring!” and move on. But that would be a mistake. This site uses JavaScript and HTML5 (and a LOT of popup windows — so be sure to allow popups from this site) to create a fun puzzle game in five or six parts.

What I found interesting was that despite what it says about being a Chrome experiment, it worked better in Safari (Chrome version 22 when I tried the puzzle). Certain elements didn't show up, and I was never able to get the final hint to display. I'm fairly certain I figured them all out, but the last few pages wouldn't load and finally I got a server error message.

But even the server error was done effectively, giving me a custom message and then closing all the windows that the page had opened. As with any computer game, you are going to have glitches and problems, and web based games can be more difficult because of all the variables involved.

It's best if you go to this site and try it out. But there are some caveats: it is a game, and has music, so don't visit at work unless your boss doesn't mind you playing video games. Also, as I mentioned, you'll need to turn off popup blockers if you have them. I had best results with Safari 6 on my Mac, and I didn't try it at all on my Windows machine. The site implies that it will work in Internet Explorer 9, but it might not work well. Chrome is the recommended browser, but I had trouble with Chrome 22 not displaying all of the instructions.

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