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Screen shot by J Kyrnin courtesy Triverse Centre


I love the design of this site the photo imagery is very appealing and fits with the tone of the site as a whole. The animation effects make the site sections jump out and give the whole page a unity. I love the background images on this site. They are lush and relaxing.

What’s interesting is that the site, while HTML5, uses a lot more JavaScript to achieve the effects than it does CSS3. Don't get me wrong, there is CSS3 on this site — a lot of it. But there is also a ton of JavaScript in the background. For example, one of the things it appears to use is the title attribute to hold text, rather than placing it straight in the HTML as, well, text. In my browser (Chrome) this means that if my mouse hovers over one of the link sections for more than a couple of seconds, a little yellow box appears repeating the text that is in the box. This is somewhat annoying.

While the background images are so nice, the rest of the colors on the site are troubling. The red links on a black background are hard to read, and they almost look like the color is off because they look more red than the orange of the logo at the top. And then the tan links at the bottom are difficult to read on the light green background as well. These colors are soothing, but the low-contrast makes me squint, and squinting makes me tense, and this seems to be completely opposite the goal of the site.

Finally, I think I would talk to the designer of the site about getting a smaller, perhaps text, mention of their work on every page. While the little orange logo is at the bottom of the page, it's a bit distracting, as the color is again slightly off from the other orange and reds on the page.

But even with all that, I find the page inspiring, especially for how the background images appear beneath the page text that is in a semi-transparent background. I like this type of design, and if you have the photography to back it up, it can be very effective.

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