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I decided that I wanted to choose a site that made me smile for the first inspirational site of 2013. This is a site for children and parents of pre-schoolers, which, I admit, I am. So I am clearly part of the target demographic for the site. But being part of their market means that they should make their site appeal to me, and they do that very well.

The art prints and designs they are selling work well as the focal points of the site. There is little or no need for additional graphics, because the products sell themselves. The colors are bright and cheerful—perfect to appeal to a pre-schooler (or his parents). The layout is clear and clean without a lot of added clutter. Even the typography is appealing with nice large fonts for the important text. Only text that isn't really important (like the copyright notice) is particularly small.

Since they sell an iPad app along with their prints, I decided to check out the site on my iPad, and it doesn't fall down there either. It's essentially the same layout as on my computer, but in portrait mode you lose the green side panels. It is nice to see that they took the screen real estate into account when working on their design. They were particularly lucky in that their desktop design didn't need to change a lot to accomodate the iPad, but it's clear to me that at least some thought went into the mobile design.

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