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Intermediate HTML / XHTML Tutorials

Intermediate tutorials on HTML detail some of the more complex tasks in a Web page such as frames and tables. If you can master these tutorials, you will have a strong understanding of HTML.
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How Do You Use Tabs in Web Pages?
Whitespace characters like tabs can be hard to use in Web pages because the browsers collapse them by default. What situations do you need to use tabs, and have to settle for the non-breaking space or other whitespace techniques?

Thoughts on HTML Email
HTML email is misleading because most email clients send email as HTML by default - in fact in many clients you have to specify if you want the email to be sent as plain text. But most people assume that HTML email means that they open up their HTML editor, design a page, and then send that as email. While that can be done, it's not common to do it that way.

HTML and CSS in Email
HTML email is very widespread. Most email clients use it and it makes email a lot easier to read and understand the messages. But HTML email can have drawbacks. If you use HTML to write or format messages you should be aware of the issues and make an informed decision.

The Three Layers of Web Design
Understanding the three layers of Web development can help site maintenance easier as well as give you focus on what you're working on.

Background Colors and Images - Using bgcolor or CSS
Learn how to use background colors and images to enhance the look of your Web pages

Frames Tutorial
Frames may seem difficult, but this basic tutorial will get you started.

How to Open a Link in a New Window: Things to Think About
Learn how to open a link in a new window. But first, think about these issues that there are with doing that. Learn how to use scripting or frames to open a new window, and what to consider before you do use this technology.

HTML Tables Tutorial
An introduction to using tables in your Web pages. Tables give you more flexibility in your designs.

Tabs in HTML - Using Tabs in HTML - Using the Tab Character in Web Pages
Using a tab character in HTML can be tricky, as Web browsers don't recognize tabs as anything different from other whitespace characters like space and return. This quick tip will explain how you can get the effect of a tab character on your pages.

Super-Size Your Graphics to Create Visual Impact - About Desktop Publi
Using images to create visual impact on your pages is important. And if you take one image and make it extra large, it can have even more of an impact.

Pretty HTML
Even if you use a WYSIWYG editor to write your Web pages, it can be a good idea to look at the code once in a while. If you need to pass along your HTML to another developer, you should make sure that it is easy to read and review.

HTML Newsletters
Writing HTML for newsletters is difficult because there are so many different email clients and all of them are wildly different in what HTML and CSS they support. Learn some techniques for creating HTML newsletters.

Sending HTML Email
Learn the secrets to using HTML to create awesome looking email newsletters.

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