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How to Open a Link in a New Window

Part 1: Some Things to Think About Before You Do


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  • Sometimes you want your readers to stay on the same page that they are at, even if they click on a link. In fact, many websites open a new window whenever you click on a link external to their site.

    Before you decide to make all your links open new windows, there are some things to consider:

    • Some readers are annoyed when they have multiple windows or tabs open on their screen
    • The back button doesn’t always work in the new window, and this may confuse some people
    • Do you need to have the window be fully functional?
    • Should the window be the same size as the current window?
    • Do you care where the window is placed on the monitor screen?

    Depending upon what you need and want, there are two ways to open a new window when your reader clicks on a link:

    If your readers get annoyed by multiple windows or tabs, then you shouldn't use anything to open new windows unless it is absolutely necessary. And then when you do, the least intrusive method is with targeting.

    If your readers will need to use the back button then again, avoiding opening links in a new window is your best strategy. However if you use JavaScript to open a smaller window above the current window, that will make it more apparent to most readers where the former window is.

    The best way to get a fully functional window is to open it using the target method. But if you want the window to have different features, like no scrollbars or be a different size from the parent, then JavaScript is the way to go. Plus JavaScript will help you open a window that you can position anywhere on the screen.

    Read the following pages to learn how to open a new window in the best fashion for you.

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