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How to Install Two Versions of IE (IE6 and IE7) on One Machine

Use Virtual PC to Install Two Versions


Like most Web designers, I need to test my Web designs on as many versions of as many browsers as I can, so that they display correctly for all my customers. Internet Explorer makes that very difficult because IE is built into the Windows OS - and so even if you use a hack, it doesn't display the same as on a stand-alone system.

But it is possible to use a Virtual PC to run IE 6 on the same machine that you have IE 7 on natively.

While it's not easy to install (there are 19 steps) and there are some gotchas (the hard drive image Microsoft provides expires on April 1, 2007), this is still a less expensive way to test your creations on IE 6 while taking advantage of all the changes in IE 7.

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Using the RAMChoose "An existing virtual hard disk". NOW we browse to the image we downloadedAnd we've done it - Click Finish
Virtual PC now has your new virtual machineChange the Network adaptersIE 6 and 7 Running on the Same MachineIE 6 and 7 Running on the Same MachineSuccess!
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