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Screen shot by J Kyrnin courtesy HTML Egg

Bottom Line

If you don’t know or don’t want to learn HTML, this is the web page creation software you want for your iPad. It is the first software for iOS that I’ve seen that lets you create your web pages in a WYSIWYG environment without needing to edit any code. The HTML it creates is not the best, and it doesn’t use HTML5, but most people who would use this app won’t care. You can get some complex and interesting sites created with HTML Egg, and it’s fun to use.

Information About HTML Egg and This Review

  • WYSIWYG no-code editor
  • iPad and iPhone app
  • $15.99
  • This review is for version 3.6
  • Score: 120 35.7%
  • Review written March 21, 2012


  • One of the only WYSIWYG editors available for a mobile device
  • Very easy to get started and use
  • Lots of templates to help you get started
  • Connects to FTP and lets you save as a PDF and back up your site to Dropbox
  • Some CSS3 features like rounded corners and drop shadows
Editing in HTML Egg

Editing in HTML Egg

Screen shot by J Kyrnin courtesy HTML Egg


  • You can’t edit existing sites, only create new sites.
  • The HTML that HTML Egg creates is not the ugliest WYSIWYG-created HTML I’ve ever seen, but it’s not pretty. It uses only DIV elements and BR elements for placing your items on the page, but it does use CSS to position them.
  • It also defaults to HTML 4.01 as of the version I reviewed. I wish it would update to HTML5 and perhaps it will in a future version.
  • I had trouble figuring out how to add basic elements like lists and headlines. Ultimately, with headlines, I realized that you just create text boxes and then style them to be larger. This isn’t semantic, but again, people who use this app probably won’t care. I never did figure out how to create lists.
  • I also couldn’t figure out how to link single words within the text of a document. This is a fairly important feature for most web pages, and hopefully will be fixed shortly.

Jennifer Kyrnin’s Review of HTML Egg Web Page Creator

If you have no desire to learn HTML and you want to build web pages on your iPad, HTML Egg is an excellent choice. It offers good WYSIWYG editing and it is easy to use. While the WYSIWYG editing is not true WYSIWYG (there is a grid that displays below the content and colored indicators to tell you where you are editing), it is close enough to make it easy to build a new website without knowing any HTML.

HTML Egg offers lots and lots of templates to help you create a site that is interesting and meets your needs. It allows you to create pages with custom headlines, features like rounded corners and drop shadows easily and quickly.

Lots of templates in HTML Egg

Lots of templates in HTML Egg

Screen shot by J Kyrnin courtesy HTML Egg

This Tool is Not for Editing Existing Sites

HTML Egg can only edit pages that have been created in HTML Egg, so if you were hoping to use it to edit an existing website, you will be disappointed. Also, if you already know HTML you may be frustrated trying to use HTML Egg, as it doesn’t handle many standard HTML things in HTML ways. For example:

  • Headlines are just text blocks that have been resized. This means that you don’t get any of the SEO value of assigning an HTML H1 element, even though the text may be larger and more emphasized.
  • As of version 4.0 you still cannot create links within text blocks. You can link entire text blocks or images, but you cannot create inline links.
  • Standard HTML features like lists seem to be missing from the editor, and in fact, the only way I could create a bulleted list was to do it manually with an asterisk (*) at the front of the line, which really doesn’t work.

There were other things that were minor, but took away from my enjoyment of using the app. For instance, there is a grid that displays to help you get alignments right, but once you put anything on the page, the grid is covered. I wish it acted like an onion-skin that I could turn on and off to check alignments. With it underneath everything it just got confusing to me, and wasn’t much more help at getting things lined up than just eyeballing it and estimating.

I found it ridiculously easy to move items on my page. Too easy in fact. I was regularly touching part of my screen and then wondering where all my text had gone — because I’d accidentally swiped just a small amount, and they all got flung out of the visual range of the screen. I did this all the time while I was editing my page. I even did it to the templates. It would have helped to have the ability to “lock” an element once I’d gotten it where I wanted it to be positioned.

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