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Five Excellent HTML Editors for iPad

Edit Web Pages While Out and About


While it may be tempting to use your iPad only for watching movies and reading books, it is quite possible to do work on them as well. In fact, I use these editors (and other apps) all the time to write and edit web pages, blog posts, images and more. Don't make the mistake of thinking that if I only have my iPad I'm not going to be working.

These five apps are an excellent way to edit HTML and other web documents. And while most of these apps are text editors, and so knowing HTML is helpful for using them, not all of them are!

1. Textastic

Textastic in Landscape
Screen shot by J Kyrnin courtesy Alexander Blach
Textastic is a code editor and HTML editor for the iPad. It is a powerful tool that offers a lot of features that you might not expect in an iPad editor. This is easily my favorite text editor for the iPad. I use it all the time.

2. Gusto

Editing a file in Gusto iPad Editor
Screen shot by J Kyrnin courtesy Gusto
Gusto used to be my favorite HTML editor for iPad. With the advent of Textastic it's moved to second place, but it's still a very strong HTML editor. One feature in its favor is that it is good looking, and aesthetics are important.

3. Koder

Koder connected to an SFTP Site
Screen shot by J Kyrnin courtesy Koder
Koder is another nice looking HTML editor for iPad. It has a lot of the features I look for in an HTML editor and it's easy to use. There are a few annoyances, but in general this is a great app.

4. FTP on the Go PRO

FTP on the Go PRO
Image courtesy FTP on the Go PRO
You might not think of FTP on the Go PRO at first when you're thinking of HTML editors for the iPad, but this FTP client has all that you probably need and more. While it doesn't have some of the features like syntax highlighting that you might want, it has some extras that most of the other HTML editors don't—like graphics editing right inside.

5. HTML Egg Web Page Creator

HTML Egg Web Page Creator
Image courtesy HTML Egg Web Page Creator
While I was reviewing HTML editors for the iPad, I began to despair at ever finding one that wasn't a text editor. But then I came across HTML Egg. This is a neat little no-code WYSIWYG editor that you can use to edit pages without knowing HTML. Cool!

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