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Colors Guide RGB List

Colors Guide RGB List - iPhone App

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The Bottom Line

A nice RGB and Hex color reference guide that lets users easily browse colors and find hex codes or RGB values.


  • Allows users to view by Hex or Hex/RGB codes
  • Browse two ways: by color family or by hex code
  • Easy-to-use and attractive interface
  • Includes access to application support


  • No search function (although the lists can be sorted by code, so this did not hamper use of the app)


  • Scroll through colors by code or by the color family
  • Easily reference Hex codes and RGB values
  • Browse two ways: by "Hex Color Codes" sorts by color family, by "Hex & RGB Codes" sorts by the Hex code
  • "Hex Color Codes" includes the color name
  • Compatible with iPhone and iPod touch (2nd generation)

Guide Review - Colors Guide

This guide is easy to use and a handy RGB or Hex codes color reference for anyone who publishes with colors. It could be made a little better in the "Hex Color Codes" list if users could click on a color name and link to that same color in the "Hex & RGB Codes" list; so they could find a color by its family and easily see its RGB value as well.

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