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iDig - iPhone App Review

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iDig - iPhone App

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The Bottom Line

This is a great tool for system administrators. It allows you to do the Unix dig (domain information groper) command right from your iPhone. It is very useful for troubleshooting problems with DNS. And this tool works great.


  • Look up both DNS and IP addreses
  • 14 different options to adjust
  • Specify the name server to query
  • Good instructions right on the main page


  • Can be overwhelming to non-sysadmins
  • Doesn't start the search on "Search" only on "Dig"
  • Can't email the results


  • Look up domains or IP addresses
  • Choose the name server to query
  • Choose from dozens of different types of dig queries

Guide Review - iDig - iPhone App Review

If you have to manage a lot of domains or a domain server, this is a really useful tool. You can get more information about the domain you're looking up than you do with a standard whois and there are so many options to get exactly the reports that are useful to you.

The two things that I find annoying about this program are the way it handles the keyboard and dealing with results:

  • When you bring up the keyboard to type in the domain to search for, the enter key is "Search". But when you hit that it just closes the keyboard. In order to get it to look up the domain you have to click "Dig" in the upper right corner. I understand the reasoning for this (you might want to adjust some options before searching), but at least 4 times I clicked search and then just waited, thinking "man this is slow" before I realized that I hadn't clicked "Dig".
  • Then when you get the results there's nothing you can do with them. In a couple of situations I needed to record the results in another file for my records, and I had to manually type them in. I finally switched to my Unix machine so that I could at least copy/paste the results. If I could email results and save my favorites in the tool, this would be a rock-solid dig tool.

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