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TouchTerm Pro - iPhone App Review

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TouchTerm Pro

TouchTerm Pro - iPhone App

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The Bottom Line

If you have a lot of servers you maintain, TouchTerm Pro is an awesome tool. TouchTerm Pro has more features than my desktop SSH client! If I were reviewing this for admins I would give it 5 stars, but it's a bit of overkill for most Web designers.


  • Highly configurable, down to the settings for each server
  • Share configuration settings with other users
  • Gesture macros speed up common commands
  • Copy and paste between connections
  • Graphical file system and many many other features


  • Very complicated, you really need to tour the software to use it
  • Some might find the price high for an iPhone app


  • Connect to SSH and telnet
  • VT100 emulation with three font options
  • Store saved connections, including passwords, behind a master password
  • Landscape and portrait mode
  • Load and save configuration settings to customize it to your specific needs
  • Use built-in gestures for commands
  • Copy and paste
  • Graphical file system support
  • Auto completion from everything you type inside the app
  • Email the contents of the screen, clipboard, or the entire buffer

Guide Review - TouchTerm Pro - iPhone App Review

TouchTerm Pro has so many features it would take forever to describe them all. What's nice about this app is how it takes iPhone functions and connects them to SSH terminal functions. Gestures are an intuitive way to use the iPhone and TouchTerm Pro incorporates them into your SSH. The challenge is learning the different gestures. Luckily, there's a practice mode.

The problem with TouchTerm Pro for most Web designers is that it has more than we need. Most of the time you connect to your server to change file permissions or make minor corrections. You can do this with TouchTerm Pro, but there are other SSH apps that are less expensive and easier to learn.

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