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How to Format Text with KompoZer


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Formatting Options in KompoZer
Formatting Options in KompoZer

Formatting Options in KompoZer

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Web pages are made mostly of text. That means that in order to make your page look interesting, you will spend some time formatting the text to modify the appearance. For instance, you can change the font, size and color to make the page easier to read or more aesthetically pleasing. Text can also be formatted to enhance the meaning, such as making it bold or italic for emphasis, to create a headline, or organize a section into a numbered or bulleted list. KompoZer makes it easy to format web pages by changing the text properties. All of the formatting options are available on KompoZer’s format toolbars.

In this multi-page tutorial, you will learn how to use the many formatting toolbars available in the free web page editor: KompoZer.

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