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Publish Web Pages to Your Server with Kompozer


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Step Four: Verify the Upload and Test it in a Browser
KompoZer FTP Confirmation

KompoZer FTP Confirmation

Screen shot by J Kyrnin

After you hit the Publish button, KompoZer will pop a small information window to tell you the status of your upload. You can choose to leave that window open or have it close automatically after the upload is complete.

Be Sure to Test the Upload

Once you've uploaded your file, be sure to test that it went to the right place. The first time I used KompoZer to upload a file, it didn't put it in my web directory. To test, type in the URL of your page into a web browser. If it doesn't come up, you'll need to open an FTP client or use your hosting provider's file manager to figure out where it went.

If the file isn't where you expect it to be, you'll need to change the publish settings in KompoZer. To do this, you'll need to follow the steps in this document again, but rather than starting at File | Publish, you'll need to click on File | Publish As.... Change the file directory settings until you are publishing in the right place.

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