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Janice Malgair Portfolio

Janice Malgair Portfolio

Screen shot by J Kyrnin

Owner Janice Malgair

Editor used: Dreamweaver

Comments from developer: My intention was to showcase my past work and build an online portfolio. I am still working on it so a few links will not work. I am not sure of the color combo. I know I can do a better job but still I need a second opinion too. I have built the site using Fireworks, HTML and CSS.

Comments from Jennifer Kyrnin: This is definitely a designer's site. Janice does a lot of work with text, lines and space. But while it looks nice as a brochure (think print ad in a magazine) I'm not convinced it works well as a Web page. There is a lot of white space in the upper right that made me wonder if I was missing something - like a plugin or perhaps the page wasn't loading correctly in my browser. I view the pages initially in a 1024x768 browser window. This cuts off the page at right after the words "WebDesign is all about making virtual presence known." That's fine, but in that entire swath of content, I found 3 links - one to the page I'm on (the sunflower image) and two to validators. I had to scroll past the fold to find the navigation. This is especially dangerous because the white space after the Web Design quote and the copyright line below the gray box act like stops. They imply that there's nothing else on the page. Hiding navigation below the fold is never a good idea unless your intent really is to keep your readers on the one page forever. When I did find the navigation, the interior pages are a good example of a portfolio site. The screen shots are nice, with a uniform size, and she provides good information about the sites and what she did. I'm not sure that the icons to represent software and languages works (as they aren't standard icons), but they do get the point across. The CSS and JavaScript icons are hard to read.

URL: http://www.janicemportfolio.8m.com/

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