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Meta Tags

Many search engines use meta tags to rank and display results. If your tags aren't up to par, your page may not get as many hits..
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What are the Critical Meta Tags?
There are hundreds of meta tags that you can use on a web page, but you might be surprised at the ones that I rely on every day. They are not generally the ones that most people think of. This article will help you understand what meta tags you should be using, how to use them, and why.

Meta Charset Tag in HTML5
HTML5 made a bunch of changes to make things easier for web designers building web pages, and the meta charset tag is no different. This is a case where the browsers were already supporting it, so HTML5 made it valid in the specification. Learn more about character encoding and the meta charset tag in HTML5.

The Meta Description
The meta description is a meta tag that describes your Web page. By using the meta description, you add a short description to your Web pages that is displayed by search engines when your page shows up in search. It's a simple tag to add to your pages, but adds a lot of value. Learn how to use the meta description tag.

The Meta Keywords
The meta keywords is a meta tag that adds keywords about your Web page. By using the meta keywords, you add comma separated keywords about the page. This tag has a lot more hype surrounding it than actual value. Learn why you don't need to worry too much about the meta keywords tag.

Before You Write Meta Tags
There are many different types of meta tags, figure out what types you need before weighing down your site.

Basic Meta Tags
Introduction to meta tags for beginners. Learn how to use meta tags to improve your site

Mobile Meta Tags
Mobile meta tags make your pages work better when viewed on mobile devices. Learn more about the viewport meta tag and other meta tags you can use to improve your websites for mobile users.

More Meta Tags - charset - expires - refresh
Meta tags can do more than just focus search engines - character sets, expiration dates, refresh. Learn how to use some other useful meta tags.

Add Your Own Meta Data in Dreamweaver
Dreamweaver has the option in the Insert menu to add any meta tags you would like into the head of your document. This page describes some of the meta tags you might consider adding.

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