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Navigation on Web Sites

Putting up good navigation on your Web sites allows your readers to easily find their way around. These articles and links will help you create the best possible navigation on your site.

Web Pages Should Go Away - Why the 404 Page Error Message Exists
When you move pages or take them down, it is often tempting to put up redirects so that your customers don't get lost or confused. This also helps prevent link rot. But is that really helping things in the long run?

Link Rot: Are You a Culprit?
Find out why the location of your page matters, and how to prevent link rot

Designing Effective Web Navigation
Designing effective Web navigation is crucial to create a Web site that your readers can get around on. If you don't have decent navigation, even if they like the site, they'll leave without finding all you have to offer. Learn how to design effective navigation.

Navigating Web Sites
Web Navigation is for the readers of a site, not the writers, and this article from your HTML Guide explains this.

Organization of Directories and 404 Page Content Will Help Navigation
Use the organization of your directories and your 404 page content to help your readers navigate your site.

What Page Do You Start Building First - Where Do You Start with Your Designs
What pages do you like to always include on websites? Are there pages that all your sites contain? The landing page or index page is an obvious place to start, but once you've got that, are there other pages you feel are important?

Hover Navigation is Driving Your Readers Away
Hover elements annoy a lot of people at the best of times. Using them as your navigation is even more annoying. And guess what, your touch screen customers can't hover, so they don't even know they are there.

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