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Microsoft Notepad

Notepad is a simple HTML editor that many people use. It comes free with Windows, and these links show how easy it is to do. And you can even use it to write XML.

Notepad is a text editor for Windows. It is best suited to Newcomers to Web Design.

Find Notepad on Your Windows Machine
If you run a version of Windows, then chances are that you have Notepad included on the machine. But sometimes it can be hard to find.

Notepad, Not WordPad
Web design can be a tricky thing to understand, especially for beginners. There are a number of common mistakes beginners make when trying to edit their HTML using Notepad on Windows. This article examines these mistakes and shows you how to fix them.

Writing HTML in Notepad
You already have a great HTML editor built into your Windows operating system - Notepad. Learn how to use Notepad to write HTML.

Create a New Web Page with Notepad
This is a visual tutorial that takes you step-by-step through the process of writing and saving a new web page in Microsoft Notepad.

Adding Content to a Notepad Created Web Page
Getting content like navigation, headlines, images, and text to your web page using Notepad is fairly easy. This visual tutorial will take you step-by-step through the process of adding and editing various types of content to your web pages with Notepad.

Styling a Notepad Created Page
Just because you use Notepad doesn't mean you have to avoid styles. This article explains how you can use Notepad and CSS to create nice looking web designs.

Edit HTML Files with Notepad
A quick overview of how to use Notepad to write your HTML.

Find out more about one of the most versatile HTML editors available. And it comes free with your operating system.

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