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Annual Report - Web Design Portfolio Project


Project Type:

  • Web design project
  • Full site project
  • Acrobat (PDF) project
  • Possibly some graphics

Purpose of this Project:

Many companies produce an annual report for their shareholders or employees. They want to provide a record of how the company did in the previous year and provide benchmarks for future years. While many annual reports are published as PDF files, creating a website annual report is useful as well.

This is a good portfolio project because you can showcase various styles of page designs. Accounting documents need to look different than executive bios, but all the pages need to be clearly part of the company and part of the annual report as a whole. If you choose to post it as a PDF, you'll also be able to show your Acrobat skills.

Project Description:

Create an annual report for your business or for an imaginary company. Include the following sections and information:[/p}

  • Company mission statement
  • Executives, including bios and photos
  • Year in review - highlights
  • Goals and challenges of the year and how the company performed against them
  • Goals and challenges for the year to come
  • Accounting documents such as Profit and Loss

Technical Requirements for the Project:


Original Page:


Special Notes for the Project::

This may seem like a large project, but if you tackle it for your own company first, you can get a good overview of your own goals.

Project Resources:

There are several online annual report sites you can use for reference:

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