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How Much Money a Web Designer Makes

Salaries for Web Designers in the United States


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In 2008, the median salary for Web Designers was $65,270 and $50,725 for a Level 1 Web Designer according to Salary.com. According to the U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics, Graphic Designers made an average $60,120 per year. But the BLS doesn't have a specific listing for Web designers.

There are many different job titles you might have as a Web designer and thees titles differentiate both your experience and skills. Some average annual salaries include:

  • Computer Software Engineers: $90,780 1
  • Web Designer, Sr: $85,123 2
  • Level 3 Web Designer: $75,017 2
  • Database Administrators: $70,260 1
  • Web Designer: $65,270 2
  • Level 2 Web Designer: $61,208 2
  • Writers and Authors: $60,120 1
  • Level 1 Web Designer: $50,725 2
  • Graphic Designers: $45,340 1
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  3. Highest and Lowest Paid Regions

    Some of the highest paid Web designers are in San Jose, CA with a median salary of $79,982. Other high paying regions include:

  • Philadelphia, PA: $79,717
  • San Francisco, CA: $79,551
  • New York, NY: $77,475

The lowest paid Web designers are in Birmingham, AL with a median salary of $47,580. Other low paying regions include:

  • San Juan, Puerto Rico: $48,965
  • Greensboro, NC: $55,489
  • Burlington, VT: $57,052

How Much Do Web Designers Make in Your State?

I've created a list of the median salary for the job title "Web Designer" in various metropolitan regions around the United States. Find out how much Web Designers make in your area.

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